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Signs of Crack Use and Associated Risks

There are many signs of crack cocaine use, some of which are easier to pinpoint than others. If you believe a loved one is abusing this drug, it would be in your best interest to learn as much as possible about the signs and symptoms of use.

Note: the effects of crack cocaine do not last as long as the powder form of the drug. For this reason, people using crack often times take the drug more often in an attempt to remain high.

Physical Signs

If you are familiar with the physical signs of crack use, you may find it simple to determine if somebody is in danger.

Following use, a person will typically become restless and more talkative. In many cases, they will have too much energy to sit still, with sleeping often times out of the question. Along with this, he or she may have a dry mouth, dilated pupils, and little to no appetite.

A person using crack cocaine will also suffer from psychological effects, such as a false sense of power accompanied by mood swings. Along with this, confusion and hallucinations are common.

Financial problems often times set in, with people addicted to crack always searching for more of the drug. Since they eventually run out of money, this may lead to a life of crime, such as stealing from others and/or prostitution.

The Risks of Crack Use

The longer a person uses crack cocaine the better chance there is that they will become addicted. When this happens, quitting cold turkey is a difficult challenge. During attempts to quit, the withdrawal symptoms are often too much to handle. Subsequently, the person turns back to the drug, knowing that this is the easiest way of making them feel better.

One of the biggest risks of crack use is an overdose. As tolerance increases, more of the drug will be needed to achieve the desired result. And when more of the drug is consumed, overdose is a concern.

crack use

Crack use can lead to addiction and overdose.

Crack cocaine is highly addictive and extremely dangerous. Once a person gets into the cycle of taking this drug, it can be difficult to break free and once again live a sober life.

Despite the addictive nature, many people with a crack addiction have successfully overcome their problem.

If you recognize the common signs of crack use in a loved one, do your best to help the person receive the assistance and guidance necessary to beat their addiction.