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Cocaine Addiction

Addiction to cocaine or other drugs can be devastating to the addict and also to those who love and care about the individual who is addicted. Everyone involved in addiction suffers greatly as a result of the many consequences and difficult outcomes that come when addiction is a factor. Cocaine, a stimulant that is widely abused by people around the world, has a relatively high likelihood of causing addiction that is mostly psychological in scope but can also lead to mild or moderate physical dependence as well.

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Treatment Options

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

The early signs of cocaine addiction may not be really significant but, if they are spotted, treatment can be sought preventing many of the harsh consequences that are to come if the addiction remains untreated. Some of the signs that you should be on the lookout for if you believe that you or someone you know may be addicted to cocaine include:

  • jittery actions or changed behaviors
  • lack of energy when cocaine is not used
  • inability to have fun unless cocaine is part of the subject
  • agitation that comes when cocaine is not being used
  • suppressed appetite
  • weight loss

Depending on how often cocaine is being used and various other factors, you may recognize the signs of cocaine addiction very early in the game or the addiction may progress rather rapidly leaving many of these early signs less noticeable at first.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

While cocaine addiction can be difficult to fathom and the subsequent recovery may seem light-years away, you can get treatment for cocaine addiction and recovery is absolutely possible with the right help. Most of the time, treatment for cocaine addiction will consist largely of behavioral therapy methods but there is also a need for psychiatric counseling to provide the patient with the help necessary to get past any underlying issues that may have caused their drug use.

Rewards programs are often used to provide those who are addicted to cocaine with something to look forward to. By providing the recovering addict with a reward for goals that are reached in recovery such as when a set number of days are attained in sobriety or when a realization is made the leads to a successful outcome, the brain is re-aligned to feel good or happy. For a recovering cocaine addict, these feelings are often difficult to fathom without use of cocaine due to the chemical changes that occur as a result of cocaine abuse.

We can help you find a local cocaine rehab center that will provide you with adequate treatment in a safe and clean environment that encourages you to get well and to remain sober. There’s no better time than the immediate time to get help, speak with someone about your addiction and gain access to the right tools to make a full recovery from cocaine addiction.