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Consequences of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a deadly monster that cloaks itself in party clothes. Cocaine is a drug that gives a false sense of confidence that makes you feel more open to different experiences and gives you the courage to interact with others when without the drug you might be shy and introverted. It will make you feel you are on top of the world. It makes you feel like you can dance all night, drink twice as much and still get up and go to work the next day. When in reality, once the drug wears off, the user crashes hard. Some will continue to use the drug into the next day so that they are able to work, even using the drug at work to make it through the day, or jobs are often put in jeopardy because of repeated absences.

Dangerous Side Effects

Cocaine is a very dangerous illicit stimulant drug and according the USDOJ, ” The widespread abuse of highly pure street cocaine has led to many severe adverse health consequences such as: cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic heart conditions, sudden cardiac arrest, convulsions, strokes, and death.

Snorting cocaine also causes damage to nasal cavities because it restricts blood vessels. Repeated snorting of cocaine leads to sores in the nose and eventually the destruction of the bridge inside the nose. This is often referred to as a “cocaine nose-job” and often requires plastic surgery to correct.

Consequences of Cocaine Addiction

cocaine addict

Cocaine abuse can cause you to lose your job, loved ones, and more.

Once a person starts using cocaine it causes euphoria that leads to them want more and more of the drug. Increased amounts of cocaine is even more dangerous because it leads to anxiety and paranoia and also extreme depression when the high starts to subside. An intense desire to get more cocaine can drive the influenced person to spend money they do not have. Often using money that is reserved for bills, food and other living necessities. Once this is exhausted an addiction to cocaine can be so intense that it drives the person to steal from their family, commit crimes to obtain money for the drug, even prostitute themselves in exchange for the drug or for money to purchase it.

Destruction of Families

When someone is in the grip of a cocaine addiction they are not in their right frame of mind. The addiction drives them to make decisions that are not only self destructive, but destructive to their families and loved ones as well. A cocaine addict will do just about anything to replenish their supply, even if it means lying, cheating or abandoning everything important in their lives including their parents, spouses and even children.

Nearly everyone has been affected by a loved one or family members addiction to cocaine. One moment, your sister is living a normal and healthy life, taking care of her family, working a professional job and being a loving and supportive member of your family, the next moment, she has lost her job, her home, and spiraled into a dark world of addiction and you don’t even recognize her anymore. They might not even see the damage they have caused until they seek help for the addiction and begin the healing process.